Modular Kitchen Ranges:

Digital Interio, a leading provider for a wide range of modular kitchen designs, starting from the basic modular kitchen design to the French modular kitchen designs.

We provide endless choices with varied colors, patterns,, and styles. We associate with nearly 5000 customers and our team comprised of 400 plus interior designers who work collectively and efficiently.

FAQ’s Regarding The Modular Kitchen Interiors Designs

What Is The Price Range For A Modular Kitchen Range?

The price of the modular kitchen varies from 2.5 to 4 lakhs based upon the selection of the material and the usage of the accessories that one pick in designing.

Differentiate between the modular kitchen range and a carpenter-designed kitchen?

The Best Modular Kitchens In Bangalore are designed precisely based upon the user requirement where each ergonomic unit possesses its distinct feature, whereas the carpentry designed civil kitchen fits in the space of the rooms and can’t make the complete requirement of the individual who chooses it interior designing.

What modular kitchen design styles do we offer?

We accommodate a wide range of top modular kitchen companies in Bangalore ranges starting from italic to modular. We customize your kitchen and transform it into a dream modular kitchen range as per the client preferences. Our customers range nearly 5000 homeowners who have eagerly collaborated with us and received a sophisticated kitchen range for their homes

What is the life span of the modular kitchen?

The lifespan of the kitchen varies as per the client’s maintenance. The life span depends upon the material one opt and its durability for building the kitchen interiors. The long lasting durability, good maintenance helps the kitchen range to serve long lasting.

What are the alternative materials used for modular kitchen cabinets?

We provide a wide variety of alternative materials which are resourced to us globally. We collaborate with the global vendors who enable us to receive the quality rich material from Italy, Rome and other foreign countries.

What best materials do we use in building up a modular kitchen range?

The best materials to build up a modular kitchen range include :

Medium-density fiberboard ( MDF): An individual board made up of multiple wood fibers with a soft texture and gives a beautiful finish when combined with an appropriate laminate.

Commercial Plywood: The surface is laminated and polished gives a stunning look, made up of certain kind of processed wood.

Boiling waterproof: Great material ideally used for kitchen ranges, serves as a waterproof.

High-density high moisture resistant water board: The board is highly durable and used in making kitchen shutters. This water board is single-layered, made by combining fiber waste, wood chips, and other miscellaneous materials.

Few Finishing’s Widely used for modular kitchen cupboards include:

Acrylic finishing: It is used as a second alternative in terms of maintenance when compared to lacquered glass. It is less expensive among all kitchen ranges.

Laminate finishing: Often referred to as Sun Mica finishing. It is highly expensive, composed of mainly plastic, a great alternative to natural wood. It is available in varied color patterns, designs, and textures.

Lacquer finishing: Serves as a long-lasting finishing, often utilized for kitchen ranges as it possesses stain-resistant properties. One can easily use this finishing as it is easy to clean.

Veneer: Veneers are commonly utilized in modular kitchen ranges. It is famous for its authentic look and gloss. It is utilized for cabinets as well as doors.

Can we clean the kitchen cabinets with water?

The best ingredients for cleaning the kitchen cabinets are hot water and vinegar. Use the mixture as a spray on the cabinets. Wipe away with the absorbent cloth. For a more good look at the cabinets, add the dishwashing liquid to the cleansing mixture prepared.

Is my modular kitchen range susceptible to water damage?

The kitchen ranges built with the marine plywood, water-resistant plywood are more susceptible to water damage and thus provoke the longevity of the kitchen range.

It is ideal to invest in high-quality materials which are water-resistant and the usage of the materials lets the kitchen last longer.

What Kind Of Chimney And Hob Should One Opt?

The purchase of the chimney and the hob depends upon one choice and also depends upon the kitchen work that one has per day. Consider to prefer the stove on the stand and mounted on the counter.

Choose the chimney wisely based upon the suction capacity, wattage, and shape preferences. A chimney with a hood is highly efficient as it keeps the odors and fumes out.

Can The Modular Kitchen Range Be Available With The Assembled Countertop?

Yes, the modular kitchen range is available with the assembled countertop and we can replace the countertop based upon once requirement and it’s better usage.

Can One Customize The Kitchen Cabinets According To Their Preferences?

Yes, one can easily customize the kitchen cabinets based upon their preferences. The kitchen is all ours at the end of the day. One can easily pick the design, style and material used for the kitchen cabinets. One can create an image and design as per their thoughts and ideas.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements For A Modular Kitchen Room?

The established brand of the modular kitchen range is made up of high-density moisture resistant wood which is specially designed to withstand the high temperatures and high levels of moisture which is commonly observed in any kitchens.

These are then sealed with laminates, veneer, acrylic, and lacquered glass. One can use the normal cleaning agents to clean these surfaces whereas, for veneer, a layer of varnish is required to protect them. These furnishings don’t function well when exposed to harsh chemical agents.

What’s Special About The Digital Interio Modular Kitchen Ranges?

At Digital Interio, our modular kitchen ranges are specifically designed with outstanding cutting edge technology, world-class equipment, etc. Our designs are so cozy, sophisticated and gives an authentic feel to the client. We mainly drive for client satisfaction and strive for the best outputs.

Is there any structural warranty on a Digital Interio modular kitchen ranges?

At Digital Interio, we provide 10 years structural warranty for our modular kitchens.

Why doesn’t Digital Interio choose particleboard in molding kitchen interiors?

Every kitchen range we design is built using specialized plywood and the particleboard isn’t so strong when compared to plywood and doesn’t last for a longer duration. Hence, it is not advisable in the selection of materials.

At Digital Interio kitchen ranges, what hinges and fittings are frequently used?

We employ the usage of wide variety of hinges and fittings which include the Hettich, Ebco and Hafele.

Name a few shutter and door options for modular kitchens by Digital Interio?

At Digital Interio, we provide a wide range of shutters and door options that varies from design to design i.e. from solid, glass, acrylic options widely available. The design, style and preferences also vary from time to time as per the client requirement and the market trend.

What specific kitchen accessories do Digital Interio provide?

The modular kitchen ranges designed by Digital Interio are designed to fit our specific needs. Get connected with the Digital Interior designers and give a specification of your modular kitchen range so that they can start working on it. Implement your thoughts and ideas, leave the creation to the Digital Interio team.